Dear Colleagues

We are inviting you for our microneurosurgey meeting in Porto, Portugal. As in previous  meetings , we intend to learn from the masters of our Specialty, that give their knowledge in a pratical way, performing live surgery with direct and interactive contact with the audience.

In 2016, we are very proud to have with us Prof. Madjid Samii, one of the greatest  Neurosurgeons of all times and  one of the masters of Neurosurgery. Prof. Samii gracefully accepted our invitation to share with us all his experience and skill.  We must say that the only purpose of this meeting is ” Learning from the Master”, so there is only a small fee for administrative costs.

We think that a large number of our Colleagues learned from the teaching of Prof Samii, and this is a chance for young,  and not so young, Neurosurgeons to improve their surgical skills.

Besides, Porto is a lovely City, and, during weekend, you can enjoy History, landscape, food and,of course, Port Wine!

Looking forward to see you in Porto!

Rui Vaz ; MD, Phd

António Cerejo, MD, Phd

Patrícia Polónia, MD

Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital S. João

Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto